How to use FTP with Python


I had a chance to use ftp with Python, so I'll leave it as a note.

FTP connection

import ftplib

ftp = ftplib.FTP(IP_ADDRESS)
ftp.login(USER, PASSWORD)

File upload (text)

with open("a.txt", "rb") as f:
    ftp.storlines("STOR /aa.txt", f)

File upload (binary)

with open("", "rb") as f:
    ftp.storbinary("STOR /", f)

File download (text)

with open("b.txt", "w") as f:
    ftp.retrlines("RETR /aa.txt", f.write)

File download (binary)

with open("", "wb") as f:
    ftp.retrbinary("RETR /", f.write)

If you don't use with, it looks like this

#Binary is rb, text is r
f = open(filename, 'rb') 
ftp.storbinary('STOR {}'.format(PATH), f)

Directory creation


Get a list of files

file_list = ftp.nlst(".")

Error handling

    # process
except ftplib.all_errors as e:
        print('FTP Error :', e)


-[Python] Run FTP from Python

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